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17. - 24. October 2008 / Toronto, Canada
at toronto free in cooperation with FADO Performance Art Center and the international Performance Art Festival 7a*11d


Agnieszka Forfa [ca]
Alicia Grant [ca]
Christian Messier [ca]
Guillaume Provost [ca]
Hélène Lefebvre [ca]
Lo Bil [ca]
Rodolphe-Yves Lapointe [ca]
Val Desjardins [ca]

FADO Performance Art Center, namely Shannon Cochrane invited me to give a workshop as part of the international Performance Art Festival 7a*11d in Toronto. Eight participants from Canada faced the workshop topic: "What is important?". The big question is for a moment a rethorical one. It's quit normal that the values of people are different, so what is important to me must not be important to somebody else. Everybody has his own scale of what is important for oneselfes. During the workshop we could observe, that some subjects are important for more than one person and others stayed on the private level. Intersections are appearing between the individual borders of others. Pools are accuring and opinions and communities of interests can be formulated in a stronger way. If we find these intersections in the process, we are able to transform our own values into signs, or images which are readable for more than one person. In various exercises, tests and discussions we discovered some of these Intersections.