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17. - 27. September 2008 / Marseille, France
in cooperation with the Performancefestival "Préavis de désordre urbain"


Performances at place du Stalingrad

Christina Georgiou [cy]
julia hornung [de]
Jutta Körner [de]
Katharina Lattermann [de], Nadia Safieddine [lb]
Katya Grokhovsky [at]
Sandra Weber [de]
Sandra Wieser ch]
Wanda Dubrau [de]

Performances at the Point de Bascule

Julia Hornung [de], Dionys Dammann [ch]
Katharina Lattermann [de], Nadia Safieddine [lb]

There couldn't be a better place than Marseille for to work on URBAN DISORDER. The clash between Africa and Europe is obvious in the southern french town and appreciable in the all day multi-cultural life. We all understood very quick: Marseille is not a typical french town and so for sure we used this potential for our researches and reflections. Social problems, violence and the fight for survival is constantly mixing with the charming atmosphere, architecture and the lifestyle. An ideal basis to research the public for artistical interventions. We lived and worked in La Plaine, a quarter with markets, cafes, restaurants and shops in the heart of Marseille. The whole group lived together in SAREV - centre culturelle, a lovely small studio with the basic requirements for living and working. The quarter and the accodomationplace were a great symbiosis, that underlined the topic of the workshop and helped to create a wide field of understanding how to add artistical ideas into a existing enviroment.

Based on various exercises and tasks with the body and the research for images, the workshop tried to figure out how can be an artistical disorders invented in the public and if so, what is the meaning of to do it. We reasearched the fields of street art, graffitti for to find out the motivation and possibilities to put art in the public. The motivation of an artist to invent an art work in the streets are more diverse. One aspect could be to reach a broader audience, or an audience that never would go to an art gallery or an art event. Another reason could be the exactly oposite side, that they want to escape from the galleries, artmarkets and museums. In the early beginnings of Performance Art the public space was discovered as a possiblitiy to do art that doesn't needed the transformation through a gallery or a museum. For to create an artistical sign in the public we intensivly worked, tested and created in various exercises the topic "images".

The Final presentations took part in the program of the Performance Art Festival "Préavis de désordre urbain" with international artists like Shannon Cochrane, Dariusz Fodczuk, Victoria Stanton, Rachel Echenberg, Herma Auguste Wittstock, Christian Messier, Jiri Soruvka and many others. Under hard conditions, (nasty rain) the participants showed a high level of performances at place du Stalingrad, a traffic place with cars, pedestrians and streetcars. The consequence how the performances were presented in the public under this conditions each of the actions got recognition and acceptation. Two more performances were presented as part of the long Performance Night at the Point de Bascule.

BBB Johannes Deimling, 2008