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10. - 18. April 2009 / Bröllin - Berlin, Germany
in cooperation with the estonian art academy and Schloss Bröllin


Andrus Lauringson [ee]
Anna Aua [ee]
Danka Milewska [pl]
Eva Labotkin [ee]
Julischka Stengele [de]
Katharina Lattermann [de] & Nadia Saffiedine [lb]
Mai Sööt [ee]
Olivia Verev [ee]
Pilar Talavera [pe]
Villem Jahu [ee]

photos: Marie-Luise Lange, Andres Galeano, Julischka Stengele

In cooperation with the Estonian Art Academy Tallinn, Schloss Bröllin and k-salon in Berlin the Performance Art Studies GRASS 'N ASPHALT took part with 11 participants from Estonia, Poland, Peru, Germany and Lebanon. The first part "GRASS" was realized at the wonderful site at Schloss Broellin where we stayed for five days. The second part "ASPHALT" took part in Berlin, where we stayed at different places. The switch from the country side to the city Berlin was one of the given tasks. We followed the question: how it is possible to transport ideas, moods and feelings from the country into the city and how we will change during the process, what will happen with us, our ideas after five days of living and working in the country side together...
The process in Performance Art is a center of this medium. Everybody who did performances will underline the fact, that after a performance one knows what he or she should or could do better the next time. So the experience you do in a performance is basic for to orientate and is an ongoing process of learning and understanding, that will never stop.

BBB Johannes Deimling

Is strict discipline as a method of teaching art justifiable? After seeing BBB Johannes Deimling´s performance art workshops for five times and speaking with participants the answer is yes. Of course participants whose attitude since beginning has been mostly orientated only to results have had different opinion. But those who have been open to the process and development remember him always as a teacher who opened their eyes in effort without reservation. Intensive exercises for body, communication and relationships with space create spirit of his workshops. Aftereffect will last for long time and has created very friendly network of performance artists in all over the world. That exactly the most important reason why interdisciplinary art department of Estonian Art Academy invites Johannes Deimling to instruct performance workshops every year. Participating in his first workshop in Tallinn as a student and now inviting him again as associated professor of the same department i haven´t had any doubt of fecundity of his method which is very unusual in era of consumer-centric art education.

Erik Alalooga, associated professor of IDA department of Estonian Art Academy