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#16 | Extension

8. - 18. July 2010 / Berlin, Germany
in cooperation with grimmuseum


part 1
Michal Samama [il]
Arttu Palmio [fi]
Renee van Trier [nl]
Ieke Trinks [nl]
Felix Fernadez [es]
Ana Alenso [ve]

part 2
Amelie Ares [ca]
Hélène Lefebvre [ca]
Garielle Barros Martins [nl]
Marcel Sparmann [de]
Bernard Roddy [us]
Sebastian Funk [de]

photos: matthias pick

12 artists between 23 and 62 years old, coming from Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, Finland, Israel, Venezuela, the Netherlands will participate in the next PAS in Grimmuseum Berlin from 8. – 18. July. PAS – is initiated by performance artist and globetrotter BBB Johannes Deimling who developed it as an extension to his teachings, between others: at the F + F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich, the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, the Technical University in Dresden and the Academy for scenekunst in Fredrikstad, near Oslo. PAS has already successfully taken place in Estonia, Norway, Finland, France, Serbia, Canada, Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. The aim of this study is to cooperate with international performance art festivals and art institutions in order to provide a comprehensive teaching program for art students and young performers, which leads up to the development of an individual or group performance at the end. The ten days long intensive studies always focus on a specific theme or occasion.

This year, PAS will take place in cooperation with Grimmuseum in the context of the EXTENSION Series, a regular performance program curated by Andres Galeano.

Extension Series focuses on emerging and established international artists who are researching the frontiers of performance art and try with an innovative way to extend the traditional elements of a performance: space, time, artist body, actions, objects, and the relationship with the audience. Extension is looking for the tension in the development process and expands the ephemeral moment with the medium of documentation. Extension sees performance art as a dynamic medium that uses the cross-and interdisciplinary approach to explore new perspectives in contemporary art. These questions and many more are the focus of the work in these days with the goal to create an individual performance. Participants will use their body as a tool to communicate through images they create by putting themselves in relation to space and time, study the atmosphere of their surroundings, the energy of the other participants and form, the visual equivalents, leading to an artistic performance. What they have to say, you can see at the presentation of the developed performances in the final presentations on 16 and 17 July 2010 live to see in the Grimmuseum.