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PAS | The Wall / 348 pages / 2015

PAS | 'The Wall' publication

Realized as part of PAS #42 | ‘Salt & Pepper’, Oslo, Norway 2015

Starting from the first meeting to the goodbye moment at the end we undergo an intensive, vivid artistic and mainly experimental process. Including various experimental settings, exercises, games, tasks and assignments we test different aspects of performance art. The process is rich in its researches, ideas, philosophies and questions. The often pure and raw artistic process is the base on which performance art concepts are developed and executed. It contains knowledge which goes beyond the actual artistic work and inspires other non-artistic fields. PAS is working very much with the concept of an unrehearsed artistic action including the failure in front of a present audience. The focus is pointed on the 'unidentified', the ‘unknown’. How to preserve this collective gathered knowledge which is the source of this process and its results?
‘The Wall’ provides a form, similar to a notebook, as an uncensored space in which thoughts, statements, feelings, questions, drawings, writings and pictures are displayed throughout the whole studies at the wall. It is an open and shared platform and with its performative charm ‘The Wall’ offers the view on connections and intersections throughout the whole process. It is possible to use this tool as a reminder or memory during different stages of the process. In case of getting lost, or stuck, or confused ‘The Wall’ helps to find another path to continue the artistic endeavor. Everybody is responsible to enrich ‘The Wall’ with his or hers comments on the process. The constantly collected documents at ‘The Wall’ offers each day orientation on how we got until this point and supports the reflection as a motor of the learning process. Furthermore it opens the view on the particular free spaces and areas which are not discovered yet.

This publication documents ‘The Wall’ which was created by Lykourgos Porfyris, Kachun Lay, Anne Cecilie Caroline Brunborg Lie, Ruth Biene, Live Marianne Noven, Gabriela Gonçalves, Ronald Bal, Katarina Henriksen, Aksel Norreen Hauklien, Merel Stolker, Courtney Grant, Kristin Nango, Sara Schwienbacher, Susanne Irene Fjørtoft, Monika Sobczak, Kirsten Heshusius, BBB Johannes Deimling, Thomas Alkärr during PAS #42 | 'Salt & Pepper' in collaboration with the PAO - Performance Art Oslo festival and KiHO - Oslo national academy of the arts, Norway.

All photos in this documentation are made by Monika Sobczak.

BBB Johannes Deimling
PAS | artistic director

Monika Sobczak
PAS | photographer

Kirsten Heshusius
PAS | artistic advisor