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PAS | intertwining bodies / 534 pages / process publication of PAS #65 in Berlin, Germany 2019

"Intertwining bodies", process publication of PAS | Performance Art Studies #65 "my perception may not be your reality", 534 pages, published by PAS 2019

PAS #65 "my perception may not be your reality" was realized in cooperation with SomoS art house in Berlin from August 4. to August 11. 2019. the publication contains the process of the studies and the performances which were presented on August 10.

with contributions by: Viktória Heiser, Gabriele Avanzinelli, Luiza Luz, Laurence Beaudoin Morin, Hannah Santana, Jana Smetanina, Manuela Covini, Marion Henry, Maja Maksimovic, Theresa Sowka, Jamie Shi, Zoncy, Bogna Juchnowicz, Monika Deimling, BBB Johannes Deimling.