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Speak that I can see you here
Performance for gabriele aldrete [mx] by marcel sparmann [de]

* white and simple
* a chair
* a long table + table clothes
* on the table
* about 10 different big glas container (like you use to make jam)
*this glases are filled with water
*on small jar with red ink
* a long brush
* a bell
* small paper sign with the instructions for the audience
1. ring the bell, if you want to leave a message
2. leave a message in the water
3. write down the name of the person you want to address with your message

* the same amount of wine glasses like the glass container, filled with red wine
* you enter the space, holding the wine glasses between your arms
* you are constantly moving the wine glasses by listening to the sound of these movements
* your steps are aware and silent
* take a seat at the table and contiune your work with the glasses
* search for eye contact with the audience member and try to get in contact with them, so they come to your table
* if somebody left a message, try to give him or her one of your wine glasses, but take care of the other glasses and try to hold them in the same order
* the aim is give all your wine glasses away
* leave through the audience, but stay in the space next to the audience member and look at the table