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A bigger scale of touch 4

Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass [no]

In this last showing of “A bigger scale of touch” I tried to focus on the whole process as a whole. I was interested in the transformation and the development, which had taken; place within the whole “ A bigger scale of touch” during this long duration of time. And I tried therefore to see the bigger project in it self as the main piece.
With this as my material I decided also to work site-specific with the space and let these to elements melt together.
The piece ended up to be a five hour-long performance mainly with two fishes, and me, which are frozen down inside two blocks of ice. For most of the time I am standing while I hold the blocks of ice. During the performance the ice-blocks melts and the fishes gets slowly more visible.

Description of main actions:
- Cuts off the tip of both of mine shoes
- Takes off my pants, shirt and jacket
- Ties ropes around two fishes which is inside two blocks of ice
- Takes on a diving mask filled with onionrings
- Stands straight, holding one ice block from the rope in each hand wearing the divingmask
- Melts one of the ice-blocks with my body by laying and leaning on it with different parts.
- Breaks one of the ice blocks by throwing it against the wall
- Runs out on the floor, lays down and stays laying watching the ice cube wich is left
- Puts the ice block on my head
- Breaks the ice block against the wall
- Washes myself with soap
- Puts on clothes and hang the two fishes on my suspenders which are fasten to my pants

Photos: monika sobczak