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white collar

martyna wolna [pl], 20 minutes

description of action: The idea behind this performance was inspired by documentary about dynamics of big corporations. Although the main theme there was environment, my attention was drawn to opinion, expressed by an expert, stating that majority of presidents of large corporations are older white men. He said that older white men are a minority of general population and do not really understand what is going on around them. As example they showed a president of a large and well known corporation which manufactures clothing and footwear. This individual admitted, on camera, that he has never been to Indonesia where his largest factory is located, he had no idea about the exploitation of the people there, and he did not known how his products are made.
Every company president in this documentary was dressed in a suit with “white collar” shirt and that is the reason why I use white shirts as the most prominent prop in my performance. They are exhibited in front of other garments. All “white collar” shirts are wet and hang on a straining clothes line. Under them there is a large puddle of water. I positioned myself on the floor below, near the entrance to the gallery, dressed in white. In my hand I had a sign “Pour water on me”. Nearby was a table with cups of water on it. Audience, as they entered the gallery, poured water on me before they proceeded upstairs to see my arrangement of wet garments. In the mean time I have changed to my regular clothing, took my white, wet garments upstairs and added them to those already hanging on the clothes line.