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Time being
Performance for Márcio Carvalho [pt] by Katharina Kastl [de]

With in the project “From me to you” I saw the chance to learn a lot by looking at the ways of working of another artist. I tried to get a feeling for the topics and for the process of working of Márcio Carvalho and combined it with parts of my work.
The action consists of two parts.
The first part is an image based on the topics time and memory: protect – control - let go off.
The second part is a video. On the one hand the video is a documentation of the performance, on the other hand it is part of it. It can be connected with the first part and it can stay autonom.
Time being
A lot can happen in a moment,
time can seem to stop,
a drop can fall,
emotions can change,
your surrounding can be deaf,
memories can come to your mind,
thoughts can grow,

and everything goes on.
Special moments are written into our memory. The time passes by and the traces fade. New memories take their place, but they will never be completely lost.