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A bigger scale of touch 5

Ida Grimsgaard [no]

We can not touch time. Time is invisible. It is not possible to see time, but we can see the conseqvenses of time. Time leave tracks. Time erases. Time creates changes. Time is development. Time gives the opurtunity to movement, without time everything would be frozen.
I wanted to work with wind as a physical version of time. Like time, the wind is also invisible. Either time or wind stands still, it is a constant movement. And we can not see the wind, we can see everything it touch and how that gets affected. There is both an obstacle and a freedom in wind. You get pushed and held up.

Description of action: I have a wireless microphone attached to a long wooden stick. Walking outside recording sounds of the wind. The audience stand in the window with headphones listening to the sound. They can use monocles to observe the microphone and the invisible wind.

photos: monika sobczak