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A bigger scale of touch 2

Ida Grimsgaard [no] + Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass [no]

Since everything were unknown for us around the showing in Spain, we choosed to take with us something we knew and felt was a part of us – our own space – a tent. A space we could work with and influence in Norway. We were interested in the meeting between the tent and the enviroment in Murcia. We wanted to investigate how two different spaces affect and transform eachother.
By transforming individual objects over a long duration of time, the space in itself came into a transformation wich created a constante pulse, like breathing.

Description of action:

- Putting up tent
- Setle down
- Breathing air into plastic-bags
- Attacking tent with a stick
- Unravel sweaters
- Creating skeins of the threads
- Tie threads to plastic-bags
- Cover tent with the plastic-bags
- Filling tent with plastic-bags
- Close ourself into the tent

photos: Emil Wilcox, Paco Vivo, monika sobczak