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Global Communication

Our modern communication offer great possibilities and enable us to reach any point in the world just by a click. To get in contact is easy, to become part of communities as well and to share interests, opinions and worries, no problem. But how does our neighborhood change during these times? City marketing and advertising determine what we get to see around us, varied codes of conduct regulate what to do and not to do. Public space has been increasingly functionalized and freed from any intimacy.

for the second time PAS was invited to cooperate with the global communication festival in Radom, Poland. In 2009 the PAS and Global Communication realized successfully the the PAStudies # 11. Organized and curated by Bartel Lukasiwicz and presented at the csw elektrownia PAS was 2011 invited with a PASproject. The work was marked by the collaboration aspect, that allows to share and develop own ideas within the invited group of artists.

participating artists:

Krzysztof Kaczmar [pl]
Adam Gruba [pl]
Martyna Wolna [pl]
Marcel Sparmann [de]
BBB Johannes Deimling [de]

photo: monika sobczak