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Performance for Katharina Kastl [de] by Andrés Galeano [es]

In the frame of “From me to you”, the performance PASS-WORD is based on a structure of body-to-body information transfer. From me to you, and from you to another person, and from another person to ... The performance aims firstly to share the value of a secret intimacy with other person and, secondly, to underline the ontological value of what cannot be reproduced or seen (again). PASS-WORD is a performance thougt and made exclusively for one person. It doesn´t leave neither left-overs in the space nor recorded images of it. The performance can survive just in the intimate memory of one spectator or pass its word from memory to memory... Or just disappear.
Instructions for Katharina Kastl (K. K.)
Every audience member gets a piece of paper with a number at the entrance to the space
The performance starts with a raffle.
K. K. puts all the duplicated pieces of paper with numbers in a bag, asks first an audience member to take a number randomly and after she has seen the number asks “who has the number...?”
The person with this number stays in the room, while the rest of the audience must leave the space. K. K. invites friendly the audience to go out.
K. K. locks the door.
K. K. makes a short performance for this person.
K. K. opens the door and leaves the room letting the spectator alone.
K. K. is not allowed to talk about her performance with others.
The spectator, who experienced the performance, decides freely to share or not to share with the others what happened in the room.