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It's something between us.
Exhibition of photographs by Matthias Pick of Performances made during PAS studies and projects.
M18, Weimar, Germany

It's something between us.
Performance art is an art form which is not repeatable. You cannot reproduce it. Not by foto, video, text or graphic. So I see my challenge to be the third perspective, or better said, the third viewpoint. There is the artist, the audience and the photographer and we are all on complete different positions and modes. My job is, to produce impressions based on everything that happens. Combined with my signature, I produce pictures which are showing what I have experienced. In the end, this documentation is neither the performance, nor that, what the audience has seen. It is my point of view of what has happend and the result of my feelings. It's something between me and the artist.

It's about the moment.
It's about distance.
It's about time.
It's about tension.
It's about you&me.
It's about patience.
It's something between us.

Kaffee – Kuchen – Action Art 1 wurde veranstaltet von der LAG - Spiel und Theater Thüringen e.V. Diese Veranstaltung wurde gefördert von der Thüringer Staatskanzlei, initiiert und unterstützt vom Theater im Stellwerk Weimar, der Freien Bühne Jena, sowie dem STUKO der Bauhaus Universität Weimar.