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A bigger scale of touch 1

Emma Örn [se] + Siiri Erksson [se], 180 minutes

A BIGGER SCALE OF TOUCH is facing various time-research on an artistic level; because we believe that artistic questions are similar to scientific questions. Our aim was to find new approaches that could change our perception both in the act of creation and during the act of sharing with an audience. The use of performance art allows us to come closer to the point of a direct experience with our bodies. Performance art includes the time aspect by its nature, and with its ephemeral gesture it leads inevitably to knowledge about time. We used the body as a measure instrument. We explored how the body and the space are influencing each other.

The perception of time have been a main issue in our exploration. We asked ourselves: Is it possible to slow down our perception so far that we become pure sensation? This would be one way to look at the expression A bigger scale of touch. Scale is not only about the size of space but also the size of time. Touch is articulation of things we can not explain in words. Like when you see the lightning and you wait for the thunder, and when the sound comes it resonates in your body. Light is a touch of waves on the eye. Sound is a touch of waves on the eardrum.

Description of action: We swallow a small microphone which is connected to a pair of headphones. The audience is invited to listen to the insides of our bodies.

Photos: monika sobczak