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Performance for ida grimsgard [no] by márcio carvalho [pt]

I consider this work as mentoring process from me to Ida.
First I wanted to know Ida a bit better since I didn't have any visual information about her. So I made a couple of questions so I could know her a bit more.
After this I started to study Ida as a subject and I find out a lot of interesting this which in the end I putted together. From this came a possible Ida. She accepted and she was interested in my perspective about her.
The process of working started after this. I created several tasks for her. She follow it by creating her own images. After each task she sent me visual material and then we could discuss. I never said that she had to do one way or another. I always was in the position of tutor, giving advices in materials forms of doing and concepts.

Was a great experience to see her performance in the end. I was not expecting such beautiful moment.