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Performance for Ana Alenso [ve] by gabriela aldrete [mx]

March 27th, 2011

For this performance event I had the joy to work together with Ana Alenso (I wrote for her) and Marcel Sparmann (he wrotes for me). The work process started with the communication between me and my partners, in order to know our interests in performance and the topics and materials that are interesting for us.

Since Ana is very interested in the topic “time” and its effects on us, I started to wonder what I think about time, what does it makes with me and how do I feel about it. Then I realize that I actually never think about the time, I just think about the memories, especially, like in my own performances, the sensitive memories of things I touched, smelled or tasted, the situations I lived and the people I met. I see all this memories as a big amount of information which gets bigger and bigger every day I live. That is how I came to the idea of the accumulation of information, and I focus myself on the written information:
Performance: CODES
Nowadays information (written and spoken) is constantly bombing our brains, accumulating around us. Sometimes we feel obfuscate, sometimes is too much, and also sometimes, as kind of protection system, as trying to save space, we just forgot about some part of it, perhaps making place for more words. What would happen if words would suddenly have a material body, if vocals were objects?

Like words, objects can also accumulate to form an iconographic valuable repetition. The written language is formed by the accumulation of single vocals. In order to form understandable words this vocals are organized in a certain formulation, which correspond to a specific meaning. Thus, every single word will be always formulated in the same way. Many words will form a long text which can or not have meaning for whom is readying it.

The action:
Following this information system, the action tries to substitute vocals with objects, developing specific “words”, and thus, a specific language. Paper + cassette + apple + water + figure, form a “word” that repeats several times in the time, against it, waiting to be forgotten. The time is represented by a kitchen clock, which is collocated at the end of the repetition of objects.

As a representation of the forgotten information, of the recycling of memory space, the action also contains the liberation of space. This is produced by the use of a mobile phone: based in a simple mathematical rule, these telephones ring and tell the performer to come back to the objects and take them away.

The collocation of the objects has also a system; in the first case the space will be filled by the single objects, representing single vocals. The second step will be the collocation of the first combination of objects, followed by the collocation of two, three and more repetitions of the series, until a group of 6 repetitions.

The objective of this action is to conquest of the space with the objects and sometimes make the audience feel disturb by so many stolen spaces.

About the objects:
The selection of the objects was made in concordance with Ana Alenso, searching in this way to allow her to feel more confidence with them. I found important to have an organic object as a representation of myself, and the favorite object of the performer to represent her: the kitchen clock.