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Why me?
Marilli Mastrantoni [gr] / Duration: 180 minutes

Description of action: Dressed as a Muslim woman (long Arabic gown and head-scarf worn as “hijab”), I simply stand or walk around together and within the public. I pick someone up and suddenly, when s/he doesn’t expect it, I lean to his/her ear and ask them a question in low voice, and then leave them immediately. A bit later I repeat the same to someone else from the public, etc. My action is subtle and discrete, so that many people don’t really know what’s going on with me and if I’m simply part of the public or not. The questions differ from person to person, according to my intuitional impression for them or the way they observe the event, and deal with matters concerning “identity” issues.

Background: The idea is to create a distinctively “alien” figure of an ambiguous disposition, that creates both curiosity and some sort of anxiety. The questions function as a kind of “virus” and intend to motivate people to think about them, even after the event. The Arabic dressing serves as a prevailing image of another cultural background, as well as a notion of “danger”, when combined with the element of the startling and disturbing questions, thus commenting on current issues.