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There forever
Joana Ruival [pt] / Duration: 10 minutes

Description of action: Passing through the audience, I go from the seating stone to the woman’s legs and free her of the chain. I take the chain to one of the seating stones. I pick the bucket and start to clean the floor around her, especially full of dog shit, and then empty the bucket in one of the seating stones. I take the bucket to the fountain, clean it and bring it near the sculpture full of water. I use the water to clean parts of her body. I go back to the seating stones and pick the white powder which I through at her. After, I look at her, undress and go to her lap. Few minutes later I come down, pick the bucket throwing her all the water left at once.

Background: Site-specific piece about women. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives and maids who have always been there: reliable, ready to give. There forever is about giving back and trusting. It is about essence and elements, earth, water, air, fire, metal, ether. It is also a ceremony to say goodbye to my grandmother and to begin a New Era.