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Friederike Höppner [de] / Duration: 180 minutes

Description of action: My performance was closely connected to the expression "New Era" in general and in the context of the festival who decided to chose it as thematical fundament for this years artistic event; and to the nature of "expression" itself; the initial point of my performance was the fact of representing a totally integrated part of the audience....concerning behavior as well as my appearance my action contained the descrying of a source of liquid ( what could have been the content of glasses of the audience, was in the Parkhotel - as it was the only source I could figure out - a vase with flowers in the corridor), the absorption of the water with a straw (a straw of about 70cm), the preservation of the water in my mouth, the displacement of it, followed by the act of "spitting" it (in this case a passive action, a leaving it flow out of my mouth) from a distance into my glass; with the slightly transformed water in my glass I once more change my position (randomly) and pour it - from a distance - into my handbag. For the last time I change my position (this time predetermined by my need of an functioning outlet; in the Parkhotel this precondition was given in the ladies toilet and in the entrance hall) and make boil the water in my handbag. (I in the end broke in some way with my originally rather poetic conception, when I offered to one person a cup of "New Water" ...there was this tentation... I couldn´t resist to .... still I prefer less literally statements). I was basically interested in carrying out an act of "transformation"..., so I tried to integrate myself into a quite complicated cause-and-effect chain leading in fact to.