PAS | guest teachers

Weronika M. Lewandowska
teaching, concept development for PAS #58

Weronika M. Lewandowska is a polish spoken word poet, performer, doctor of culture studies, as well as a curator of independent events of new media art (BYOB, Share Warsaw).

Her spokenword verse rises beyond linguistic barriers. Weronika has hypnotized a multi-lingual audience many times, performing her melodic and sensual Slavic poetry and performative projects at the most important spoken word and poetry events all over the world. She experiments with interdisciplinary and performative forms of poetry, connected language with synaesthetic metaphors produced by sound and visual actions.

Weronika has a broad artistic experience, which she also connects with her scientific research about immersive experiences in various forms of new media practices. She collaborated with musicians (Minoo, plankton), many visual artists, dramaturges (Teater Kurage in Göteborg, TR Warsaw), as well as with dancers and choreographers ( e.g. she performed „Kiss” of Tino Sehgal’ at the Musée de la danse - Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne).

Weronika was a guest teacher at the Creative Coding Study at SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities in Warsaw. On a regular bases she leads workshops on spoken word, literary performances and trans-media digital storytelling, creative writing for performative presentations. In her performances she connects analog and imaginative world, lights and shadows, with a world of post-production of new media and technology, where she brings a reflections of its influence on everyday activities, language, relationships, perception, as well as on interactive and digital forms of narrative.

Lisa Tostmann
teaching for PAS | youth

Lisa Tostmann was born in Germany in 1990. She is a student of Art Education at TU Dresden, where she first came across the field of Performance Art. Since that first encounter, it has never loosened its hold on her. She is fascinated by the artistic as well as educational potential of this processual art form. As part of the Performance Art collective Seite.30 and in her work beyond, she is working on topics like the in-between, the unknown, and the mysterious in a formal aesthetic way.
She has shown works in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

Kineret Haya Max
teaching, concept development for PAS #53

Born in 1981, based in Israel. Engaged with aspects of creative action related to time, space, intention, and aspects of form-content-image. Since 2008, she has been part of The Performance Art Platform and Ensemble 209 in Tel-Aviv. She presented most of her works in recent years in international festivals, where she soaked up culture-related actions. She teaches in Musrara multidisciplinary School of Art and Society in Jerusalem, while completing her MFA in Bezlalel Academy of Art. In her artist’s statement, she writes: Although chance is an essential material that I work with, what I do is not by chance. If I am capable of wanting it, then I'm capable of doing it.

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha - website
teaching, concept development for PAS #50

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha was born in Nigeria, Enugu state in 1991. She graduated from Aberystwyth University, School of Art in 2014. Ezugha is currently living and working in Norwich, UK.
As an interdisciplinary artist working in performance art, film and drawing. Ezugha’s work deals with culture and identity in an ambiguous but sometimes literal way. Using performance, she tries to re-imagine her own history by using political and historical discourses around the black female body. Ezugha has been a recipient of The Wales Arts International Grant in 2015 as well as the Leverhulme Arts Scholarship as part of Wysing Art Centre’s Summer School, Cambridge UK. Today, Ezugha has performed in the US, UK and Europe, her work within performance art has expanding as she is the founder and director of LIVE Art in Wymondham, a sit-specific performance art event looking at rural communities and the importance of taking live art outside of urban landscapes.

Brian Connolly
project teaching for PAS #49

Brian Connolly is an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art, Sculpture, in the Belfast School of Art at the Ulster University, Belfast.
He is a multi-media artist creating works, which often relate to ‘place’ or context. He employs a wide range of artistic processes, including Performance Art, Public Sculpture, Installation Art, and collaborative projects.
In the early 1990’s he developed a genre of performance art called ‘Install-action’ and has created a series of Market Stall Performances internationally. He has performed & exhibited in diverse contexts throughout Europe, America and Asia.
He has initiated and curated events and projects both nationally and internationally and has been involved with artist run organizations throughout Ireland including: Bbeyond, The Sculptors Society of Ireland, Visual Artists
Ireland, Flaxart etc. He established the Belfast International Performance Art Festival in 2013.
He has created more than fifteen Public Artworks & Commissions in a range of media and contexts throughout Ireland.

Veronika Merklein - website
teaching, concept development for PAS #47

The in 1982 born German artist Veronika Merklein lives and works mainly in Vienna (AT). As an artist she works within different media (performance, food, text, photography, object, installation, community work) with the focus on Performance Art. Her art orbit around performance immanent topics, pop-cultural phenomenens as well as "the pure an brutal (inner)life of human beings". Starting off with her own body she investigates body- and food politics in her latest body of work.

She enjoyed her artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the School of Art and Design Kassel. She presented her artwork among others at the Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago (US), at "Neuer Kunstverein Wien", Vienna (AT), Kaskadenkondensator, Basel (CH), Fridericianum, Kassel (D), Secession, Vienna (AT), Kiasma, Helsinki (FI) and from time to time at home. Veronika Merklein received scholarships i.a. of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York City, Austrian Chancellary, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Since 2016 she is represented by the Gallery Michaela Stock (AT).

Magnús Logi Kristinsson - website
lecture, concept development for PAS #42

Born in 1975 in Iceland, Kristinsson has been creating solo performances since 1999 when he moved to Amsterdam to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, focusing on performative practice and receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. From 2005 to 2007 he was performing with the interdisciplinary performance group Oblivia. He received his Masters of Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, where he now lives and works.
Language and the body become structural and sculptural forms in Kristinsson's performance-based practice. Through a systematic manner of speaking his diverse listings become a mix of concrete poetry and music, while his physical presence is put to the test as it borders on the inanimate.

Andrigo & Aliprandi - website / website
teaching, concept development, sound for PAS #39

Dancer and performer Marianna Andrigo and artist Aldo Aliprandi have been collaborating since 2009, combining their interest in movement, sound, video, site-specific performances and installations. Sound and space are the elements that, together with the action, build the vision that can lead to different interpretations in the viewer. Since 2012 they are co-curators of C32 performingartworkspace in Venice, producing performing arts and hosting international artist-in-residence programs.

Andreas Pashias - website
teaching, concept development for PAS #38

As a visual artist, Andreas Pashias is based in Athens - Greece, developing his practice in the field of performance art through the creation of live performances, performance photography and installation. The artist’s body is dismantled into a set of pieces, physical parts, habits or ideas, and it is offered to be ‘received’ or ‘perceived’ by others. Their ‘stance’ towards this body eventually results in the physical and conceptual shaping of all bodies involved in the time and space of the specific artwork, as a process of establishing mutual lines of connection. At the same time, Pashias’ work is proposed as a visual experience, where action becomes an ‘image-making’ gesture, attempting to investigate the strength of imagery on the process of perception. Whilst presenting a number of solo exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece, his work has also been included in group exhibitions and international festivals taking place in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Bulgaria and Turkey. In 2013, Pashias co-founded the epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation and has been active in curating exhibitions and series of events on the relationship of live action to other artistic practices, through an ongoing research into diverse exhibitory interpretations of performance art.

Francesco Kiais
theory, critical reflection for PAS #37 / PAS #38 / PAS #39 / PAS #57

The work of Francesco Kiais ranges from installation to video, to performance art. He has collaborated as an artist, writer in catalog, curator, co-curator, producer, cultural counselor at various artistic and cultural projects, exhibitions, institutions, galleries.
His activity is focused now on the artistic practice and promotion of Performance Art, as well on the analysis of the theoretical structure revealed from the many different forms of actuation of a Performance.
In the last years he extended his work's research to the pedagogical and didactic potentiality of the artistic/performative practice teaching, to children and adults, “Forms of art practice, art history and art theory”.
Francesco Kiais graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 1990. He lived and produced in Venice, Madrid, Berlin. Now he lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter - website
teaching, concept development for PAS # 35

Based in Cornwall in the UK, German born Alexandra Zierle and UK born Paul Carter have been living together for nine years and have been working collaboratively internationally as Zierle & Carter for the last eight and half years. Having met at Falmouth College of Arts (now Falmouth University) in Cornwall on BA(Hons) Fine Art, their practice fundamentally stems from a visual, sculptural, process and material led practice with early performative works made for camera as stand alone video works.
Interdisciplinary, multi-sensory and often site and context responsive, today Zierle & Carter’s practice spans performance, photography, sound, video and installation. They have exhibited and performed extensively nationally and internationally in galleries and at locations as diverse as volcanoes, dining rooms, tunnels, campsites, shopping streets across Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. They are twice recipients of Arts Council England grants, including support for a residency at the Banff Centre in Canada in addition for a research and development residency in 2012 in Australia with Chamber Made Opera for the creation of their Between Lands and Longings Living Room Opera that premiered at IBT13 in Bristol in the UK and since has been presented by Chamber Made Opera on a farm on the outskirts of Melbourne as part of a international performance programme. In addition to others, their work is featured in the major new Personal Structures publication published by The Global Art Affairs Foundation as well as Manuel Vason’s new Double Exposure publication to be launched summer 2014.
Through their collaborative practice, Zierle & Carter critically examine different modes of communication and what it means to be human, addressing notions of belonging, dynamics within relationships, and the transformation of limitations. Their work sites an embodied investigation into human interactions and encounters, acting as an invitation to venture into the spaces in-between the external and internal, permanent and transient, spoken and unheard. The work fundamentally explores society’s conventions, traditions, and rituals, often flipping them on their head, reversing orders, and disrupting the norm.

Arti Grabowski - website
teaching, concept development for PAS # 32

Arti Grabowski is living in the ‘Performer street’ in a small village close to Krakow inPoland. He dedicated his artistic and as well his non artistic life to Performance and Action Art. “I am a performative animal” he states and this might be the reason of his vivid and enormous CV. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, where he obtained a Diploma (MA) at the Multimedia Department by Professor Antoni Porczak. Currently he is working as assistant professor at the Performance Art Laboratory at the Intermedia Department, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow led by Professor Artur Tajber.
In the past 10 years of his artistic activity he realized over a hundred of actions and performances - always strong, absurd and with a typical sense of humor as well as with thoughtful criticism. He took part in many of the most important Performance Art-, Theatre-, and Video Art Festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
Arti Grabowski is also working as a curator for Performance Art and has curated various festivals and events with a distinct quality of presenting Performance Art as an art form that matters. With curating the 13th International Art Action Festival INTERAKCJE at Centre for Art Action in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland and a lot of other Performance Art events more Arti Grabowski has shown that his dedication to this art form is beyond a regular engagement.

VestAndPage - Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes - website
teaching, concept development for PAS # 30

Since 2006, German artist Verena Stenke and Venetian artist, writer and curator Andrea Pagnes have been working together as VestAndPage in Performance art, filmmaking, writing, research and as independent curators. Their works, recordings and live performances have been shown in solo and group shows, festivals, and biennials across Europe, Asia, Central and South America and the US. They collaborate with international theatre companies, humanitarian and social organizations in production and education, as recently for the street-children workshop project “Fear is Fear. Love is Love.” in Mexico City. They further present methodological workshop series, which work on memory activation and stimulation of the personal, inner library for creative use through Performance art, and have been held in cultural institutions, academies and universities worldwide. Their theoretical investigations have been published in various books and magazines of contemporary art such as Flash Art, Art&Education, Research Catalogue, Flux News, Re-Tooling Residencies, and in the book “The Fall of Faust - Considerations on Contemporary Art and Art Action” by Andrea Pagnes. Being active as independent curators and organizers, they recently presented the performance-focused live art exhibition project “Venice International Performance Art Week” at Palazzo Bembo in Venice (2012). Between 2010-2012, VestAndPage produced the experimental art film trilogy “sin∞fin The Movie” in Antarctica, India, Kashmir, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, researching the possibilities of combining the ephemeral art form of Performance with filmmaking.

emily promise allison - website
lecture, concept development for PAS youth

emily promise allison is a canadian artist focused on installation, performance art, and pedagogy. she studies at the alberta college of art + design (sculpture bfa), and the glasgow school of art (sculpture + environmental art ba hons). her previous education and work experience in dance and theatre has evolved into a form of performance art that could be described as ‘romantic’. her performance work was first seen as part of PAS #24 in calgary, alberta. since then she has participated as performance artist within the province as part of the mountain standard time performative arts festival, emmedia, truck gallery, southern alberta art gallery, and the city of calgary’s inaugural nuit blanche festival. impassioned by children, their unusual communication skills and imaginative resourcefulness, she has been teaching experimental theatre and visual art to youth since 2007.

Karmenlara Ely
performative lecture for PAS # 27

Dr. Karmenlara Ely (Phd, Performance Studies) is the Artistic Director of the Acting program at Norwegian Theater Academy in Fredrikstad, Norway. Before coming to NTA, Karmenlara spent nearly 10 years teaching theater and performance theory at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, with a special emphasis on exploring the impact of ethical philosophy and erotics on contemporary performance. Karmenlara has collaborated as a performer, dramaturg and scenic costumer on theater, performance works and installations in the New York area since 1996, performing in spaces such as La Mama, Here, Galapagos Art Space and The Public Theater, as well as other notable sites outside the city and throughout the Americas. Heavily influenced by her experience as a dancer and physical performer in both festival and stage genres, her topics of inquiry examine the critical role of the body in taboo breaking and the complexities of erotic pleasure in the creation of art.

pietro pellini - website
performance art photography for PAS # 27 / PAS #42

pietro pellini is based in Cologne. His work is mainly photography art with a particular focus on art documentation and transformation. Since 1986 he build up a unique archive of his photography on international performance-art. Based on his research and experience in the field of transforming ephemere phases into the media photography he is teaching and giving lectures on the subject. Since 2009 he is teaching photography at the academy of fine arts in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Irene Müller
lecture for PAS # 27

Irene Müller is an art historian, curator and author based in Zurich. Besides her curatorial and publication projects, she also collaborated in several research projects focusing questions of the preservation and documentation of electronic art ( and the archiving and transmitting of performance art ( Since 2009 she works as lecturer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and at the F+F School of Art and Media Design, Zurich.

Sakiko Yamaoka
lecture for PAS # 26

Based by the thoughts of performance art of that is a“destined”process for undertaking a body as one place//node, she has worked for events, moving images, photographies, drawings also. Her themes have been sculpture of times, gazing, delusion, solitude, travel, public / individual space and shifting of emotions and lives.

Marie-Luise Lange - website
teaching and art education

Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Lange holds a professorship for art theory/aesthetics and art history at TU Dresden. Hereby her special research interests are focused in the areas of teaching methods in performance art, participatory art, contemporary art theory, aesthetic research and performative learning methods. She is investigating and exploring new strategies for a useful and enriching inclusion of performance art in courses and project workshops for children, youths and students in teacher training. With a special emphasis Lange promotes the placing of performative teaching methods and models in the general curriculum in secondary schools and high schools. According to this in 2002 she published her habilitation treatise with the title „Grenzüberschreitung Wege zur Performance Körper - Handlung - Intermedialität im Kontext ästhetischer Bildung“ and 2005 her second book with the title „Performativität erfahren Aktionskunst lehren Aktionskunst lernen“. Since the 80ies she is a performance artist herself and presents continually own performance art pieces in galleries and public spaces with the main topic of material transformation. After 5 years of organizing and teaching a special performance art course together with BBB Johannes Deimling in Rehlovice, Czech Republic, in 2012 this course was held for the first time as cooperation between the TU Dresden, the University of Cologne and PAS| Performance Art Studies.

Ingolf Keiner
performance / sculpture / installation / video for PAS # 20

Ingolf Keiner studied first communication design, then fine arts at the University of Arts Berlin in the class of Rebecca Horn. In numerous international exhibitions, he is working on synergies between performative acting and installations, sculptures and videos. In 2000, he founded with Jonas Burgert the exhibition series FRAKTALE, which as last took place in the Palace of the Republic. In cooperation with the European Performance Institute he organized and curated performance art conferences and festivals. Since 2008 Ingolf Keiner is teaching at the University of Arts Berlin installation and performance.

Christopher Hewitt - website
video, documentation for PAS # 20

Christopher Hewitt has been involved in areas of performance art and interdisciplinary art for the past 20 years, working as a curator, teacher and facilitator. After nearly 10 years of being based in London, which included working as the Director of Live Art at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, he went on to set up the ‘Crossing Borders’ performance art degree programme at the Turku Academy of Art in Finland. He is currently based in Berlin where he publishes liveartwork DVD – a quarterly compilation of video documentation of contemporary performance art. Since 2010 Christopher has been making the video documentation for PAS - Performance Art Studies.

Johannes Lothar Schröder
performance art history for PAS # 20

Johannes Lothar Schröder is based in Hamburg. His free lance research has backgrounds in visual arts and art history, in which he holds a PhD for his thesis on Performances from Happenings to persona. Besides writing and lecturing, he does photography, installations and performances. Schröder recycles continuously his archive into objects, performances and installations like “Relic-Lounge” “Architexture” (Performance Research, Vol. 11, No. 3). Recently he performed a number of re-doings such as “The Art of Sleeping” inspired by Chris Burden’s “Bed-Piece” for extension series 12, Berlin 2011

Essi Kausalainen - website
lecture for PAS # 20

Essi Kausalainen has been active in the international performance art scene since 2000. Her solo performances have been shown in festivals and events such as ACTS (Contemporary Arts Museum, Roskilde 2011), Extensions –series / Grimmuseum (Berlin 2010), Open –festival (Beijing 2009), 7a*11d (Toronto 2008), Ensemble of Women (Santiago de Chile 2007), Future of Imagination #3 (Singapore 2006), The National Rewiev of Live Art (Glasgow 2004). In Finland Kausalainen’s work has been seen in varying venues from Meilahti Art Museum and EMMA to festivals such as ANTI –Contemporary Art Festival, Là-bas and Amorph! In addition to her performance works Essi Kausalainen has had six solo exhibitions in Helsinki, Malmö and Turku presenting videos, performances and installations.

Antoni Karwowski - website
lecture, concept development, art philosophy for PAS # 20

Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts University in Torun, poland. He is working with performance art since 1979, where he also founded the "Group A". During the 80's he worked with the Open Theatre Centre in Wroclaw and author of the holistic concept of performance. In workshop projects he uses the experience of "Laboratory Theatre" by Jerzy Grotowski and behavioral training. He defines this stage as "pre-space" for "creative impulse" in performance art. The main focus in his own work is the search for identity. Antoni Karwowski is author and organizer of many international art projects and participated in several editions of the OST - WEST FORUM in Germany. Currently he is working with OFFicyna art place in Szczecin as an artist and curator for Performance art.