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PAS | Slideshow

28. February – 1. March 2020: research workshop
1. March 2020, 4pm: public performance

application deadline: 15.02.2020

A 3-day performance art research project
in cooperation with SomoS art house, Berlin (Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin)

Led by BBB Johannes Deimling

PAS | Slideshow – concept

The PAS | Slideshow is a classic within the PAS | performance art process and has developed during the years from a task into a presentation format. The main idea is to create a collective presentation by condensing performance art actions to a duration of 1 minute. Several one-minute actions will be presented in a strict timeframe one after the other in order to create a slideshow-kind effect for the audience and the performer.

Duration is an important question in performance art practice and theory. How long a performance art act or a sequence within the performance is lasting, shapes the way it is perceived. A very popular form is ‘long-duration performance’. By expanding the duration of the performance situation to several hours, these works are generating a different response to space, time and perception than a 20-minute performance. The performer and audience have the possibility to dive into the depth of the presented concept and appearing spheres.

pars minuta prima
The PAS | Slideshow is using the aspect of long-duration performance and challenging the form by connecting it to co-creation and participatory art practices and a strict focus on one minute (pars minuta prima). By condensing the time into exactly one minute and presenting a variety of different actions in a row, the aspect of long duration is still present, but of course, it switched its focus. For example, if in 3 hours one single action is presented or 180 one-minute actions make a huge difference in creation, presentation and perception. With the PAS | Slideshow we approach the sensation of a film or a collage, where long-duration flips into another rhythm of the artistic art process.

One minute is gone, the next one is mine.
One minute can be very short or sometimes even not be recognized. In other circumstances, a minute can create a feeling of eternity. These different sensations on how we feel a minute will be one part of our research practice during the project. Another importance will be accessed by questions on how we can make use of something which might appear at first as a limitation. What kind of tools do I need to approach a deeply personal feeling or observation and transform it into a one-minute action/performance? Or is this simply not possible? How do I need to creatively research to make my action appear and resonate within the given timeframe?

The results of the process will be presented collectively (and individually at the same time) at the end of a research project in form of a slideshow in which we also give space to allow the present audience to take part. A collective performance collage that will appear will offer a different view on the individual art practice and perhaps influence the way how we are doing and looking at performance art works.

Why PAS | Slideshow?
• It takes only a weekend but leaves you with at least a month-long dose of inspiration.
• You will experience and take part in a unique presentation format, consisting of 1-min actions. It is inspired by a slideshow, just way better than that.
• You will have the chance to present your individual work out of the process and be part of PAS | Evening in Berlin.
• You will meet and work with other like-minded people.
• We use Educational Tools based on years-long teaching and learning experiences.

For whom?
• Anyone interested in performance art, no matter the age or experience. There is enough space to fulfill individual needs.

Offer includes:
• Investigation of the time aspect in performance art
• Research on understanding the actions as holistic images (complexity vs simplicity)
• Learning through variety of experiments, tasks and exercises
• Individual public performance presentation as part of PAS | Evening in Berlin
• Technical, pedagogical and artistic guidance of BBB Johannes Deimling
• Collaboration with other like-minded people
• The certificate approving the completion of the course
• Video and photo documentation of the public presentation
• Internet publicity (Social Media, Website)

Next course to join:
28.02. – 01.03.2020
Guided by BBB Johannes Deimling
Teaching language: English
Price: 150€
application deadline: 15.02.2020

28.02. – 01.03.2020: practical researches
01.03.2020: 4pm public performance presentation in SomoS
Start: 10am, 28.02.2020
End: between 8pm and 9pm, depending on the length of the presentation
Venue: SomoS art house, Berlin (Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin)

How to apply:
- Fill out the form below or here
- Wait for the confirmation
- Transfer the fee and you are ready to go

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PAS | Slideshow Berlin