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#66 | if I were in your place


The call for participation for PAS #66 is closed. Next chance to be part of PAS click here


15. – 22. September 2019, Cañada del Hoyo, Spain

an 8-day learning program on Performance Art
cooperation with Karstica Espacio de Creacion, Cañada del Hoyo and In cooperation with Museo Neomudejar, Madrid

Led by BBB Johannes Deimling


John Muse
Brendamaris Rodriguez
Karolina Stryz
Berendine Venemans
Ana Reis
Lili Ullrich
Maria Herador
Debbie Reda

if I were in your place concept

“If you work site-specific, you need to be very specific with the site” (BBB Johannes Deimling)

The term site-specific describes artistic production in close relation with a physical site. Since its appearance in performance the term “site-specific performance” has influenced and inspired performance art practice and theory.

One could state that each performance work is site-specific since it is always happening in a spatial context and corresponding in one way or the other with the surrounding in which it appears. This thought is supported by the fact that our human body is not able to leave space since it surrounds us the moment we start growing in the uterus.

But the term “site-specific” describes not only a form or state of being but more a working method, a research practice which resonates in so many fields alongside the arts: ecology, humanity, history, politics, time, etc. The spatial context, the site-specific aspect of artistic production, presentation and perception is a reservoir of diverse and – it seems – endless artistic potential to create site related artworks. We can expand the present space, site or place and transform into collaborative work with our perspectives and ideas. But at the same time the site offers us its perspectives and access points to its given structures, forms and aesthetics. In order to balance the individual artistic concept with the given or chosen site, the need for precise research and dialogue is inevitable. The site has the power to crush any artistic idea with ease.

PAS | #66 “if I were in your place” will focus on the possibilities of site-specific aspects in performance practices and theory. For this, we chose a rural place in Spain, away from urban cities and marked by a very unique (Jurassic) landscape between Valencia and Madrid: Cañada del Hoyo (click here to see where it is located). Besides the beauty and the possibilities of the landscape we also want to include the knowledge and the culture of the inhabitants of the nearby village. This will create a vibrant and deep site-specific research which we aim to connect with our views we bring to the place in order to create a dynamic artistic dialogue.

PAS | #66 “if I were in your place” - documentation concept

PAS task | "THE BAND", by Berendine Venemans, Karlonine Strys, Brendamaris Rodriguez, Maria Herrador

PAS | "sculpture park" with: Brendamaris Rodriguez, Berendine Venemans, María Herrador, Karoline Strys, Debbie Reda, John Muse, Lili Ullrich, Ana Reis

original duration: 35 minutes