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#62 | course of action

18. - 22. March 2019, Tallinn Estonia

a 5-day learning program on Performance Art
In cooperation with EAK – Estonian art academy, Tallinn Estonia

Led by BBB Johannes Deimling


Nausicaa Pellei
Jaanika Arum
Salla Valle
Nina Lang
Marianne Siilbaum
Katrin Enni
Barbora Benková
Jose Aldemar Muñoz Ñustes
Karolin Poska
Olga Prokhorova
Sebastian Hänel
Ryan Galer
Alice Glagau

concept: Course of action

The main research question during this 5-day course is: "how to use body, presence and action to create works of performance art?". Besides theoretical input we will mainly approach the performance art field with a variety of practical experiments, exercises, tasks or assignments and connect them with other art forms such as painting, sculpture, drawing, music, etc. The vivid learning process will generate artworks which are trying to establish a visual dialogue with the audience, the viewer and communicating through an artistic moment of liveness.

Field of action

Actions can turn us into heroes or bring us to prison. On a daily basis, we are doing hundreds of activities without realizing or questioning most of them. They are deeply rooted in our human behaviour and without them, nothing would move, develop and be produced. Brushing teeth or peeling potatoes seem to be simple, but are a conglomerate of little actions, like taking, holding, pushing, scrubbing, etc. Is there a single, pure action or are they always happening in coexistence?

We will analyze various actions, ask if breathing or ageing is one and try to go into the details in order to examine the artistic value and potential. Furthermore, we are aiming to experiment with different, simple activities and place them in a cinematic timeline to understand their nature. Inspired by techniques of collage and film editing we will cut actions into pieces and change their course, try to fade or overlap the torn parts.
Actions have the demand that reality is changing. This fact is a key element in action art and performance art practice. But "it's not the action that makes the performance." (BBB Johannes Deimling 2014). It is the interaction with material, space, time and the present audience that shapes the holistic, ephemeral moment. A wonderful and impressive example on how to connect ideas with the surrounding world and put them into reality is shown by the Greek philosopher Diogenes. His philosophy, also known as action philosophy, draws a direct line to activism.

The course will show how we can transform our own ideas into living artworks. The results of the process will be shown in a public presentation at the end of the 5-day program. There is no prior knowledge needed to take part in this course, but curiosity, dedication and passion towards the whole artistic endeavour.

and … action!

write to: pas@bbbjohannesdeimling.de for inquiries, applications and further information

PAS #62 | "course of action"