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Cleaning NY7F71oBo

Soefie Hollander / 20 min.

NY7F71oBo steps into the scene. The person seems to be ready to clean, wearing yellow gloves and holding toilet brush and soap in a spray.

NY7F71oBo starts cleaning the ...

... Appearance: NY7F71oBo sprays colorful soap on the grey flowers of the clothes wearing.

... Look Alike: NY7F71oBo sprays soap on the toilet brush holding in one hand. Smells the brush and places it in position as if it is a decorative flower in a bottle.

... Body: NY7F71oBo takes of the head of the spray, replaces the soap with water and start spraying the body.

... Formal Identity: NY7F71oBo takes of the head of the spray again, drinks the last bit of water out of the bottle, then pees into the empty bottle. Replacing the head of the spray on the bottle, NY7F71oBo starts washing it's identity passport by spraying pee over the document.

... Social Recognition: NY7F71oBo takes of the gloves, hold the passport in sight and steps towards the public, offering them to shake hands as a greeting.