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# 55 | DUEL

A Legendary Milestone in the History of Performance Art:
The Cooperation Between PAS and IPA

June 25th - July 8th 2017
Quartair The Hague, Netherlands
In cooperation with P.S. Performance Site, The Hague, Netherlands


Philemon Mukarno
Carole Novak
Yuki Kobayashi
Katya Petetskaya
Danielle Brans
Gamze ÖztÜrk
Jan-Egil Finne
Graham Martin
Carol Montealegre
Andrea van Gelder
Aino Sirje
Giovanni Vetere
Lisanne van Brakel
Ieva Savickaitė

The poetic in Performance art, video documentation of the PAS double task 'Sculpture Park' and 'poetic reflection'.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to follow a substantive performance art education in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are delighted to invite you to IPA – PAS. An intensive week of masterclasses taught by the most prominent performance artists of today. IPA – PAS in the Netherlands is made for tenacious, true to their art and, preferably, experienced participants. During the full-time (7 hours) working days participants learn about performance practice and theory, put their knowledge directly into practice and reflect on the process and outcomes afterwards. Participants will also benefit from expanding their network by making valuable connections with other performers from all over the world. After four days the groups will change so the participants can benefit from both teachers! The workshops will have a different approach what will be explained on their sites.

The basic nature of a classical duel is honor. It is a moment of intensity with a result which has a fatal end. But of course we won’t go into the whole drama of a duel, but seeing it more as a form of contemporary exchange of methods, concepts and collaborations from which the participants will gain a diversity of practical and theoretical insights which will challenge them to find their own path.
DUEL is mainly to understand as metaphor for collaboration. The participants are invited to confront the other (participants and teachers) to be able to involve them in an artistic dialogue of differences in which we may find a common ground to articulate a performative language. This process might influence the way we produce, present and perceive Performance Art today.
Since there is only a metaphoric approach to DUEL we will include the festivals direction ‘poetry’ to work, exchange, research, experiment. The chance of the poetic, metaphoric interpretation of the DUEL is seen as form of orientation and lift the parameters on platform where we are able to formulate something which we don’t know yet. This openness is the way of how we understand the DUEL as direct confrontation with the other in order to create a vivid dialogue beyond the states of knowledge.

photos: Alice Minervini