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31. March - 7. April 2017

in collaboration with Kelim - choreography center, Bat Yam, Israel

with BBB Johannes Deimling and guest teacher Kineret Haya Max


PAS | Performance Art Studies is the first time invited to Israel. With the study format ‘IN-DUST-REAL’ we are continuing the performance research within foreign neighborhoods to enhance the social and geographical potential of performance art practice. BBB Johannes Deimling and guest teacher Kineret Haya Max will work with local and international participants in and around Kelim - choreography center.

'the body is the ‘first home’, and the place or territory where we live is a ‘second home’, or perhaps something that is made through a heightened sense of awareness to where we are. The ‘third’ home is the home you discover when you start interacting with the assemblage body and environment to produce something new.'

Combining Whitehead’s thoughts with the concepts of performance art, which, among other things, can be considered as a social art form, the ‘third home’ offers a very interesting context to PAS #53, in which new modes of performance can be developed. Participants of the study will have the chance to research, discover and explore a specific area of Bat Yam, a small industrial city in the near of Tel Aviv. The area of Kelim Center is an industrial area, nearby are few neighborhoods. The Center works within a vast hangar which use to be an army storage space. This Neighborhood, with its diverse possibilities, will be the subject of the #53 study, where site-specific, long durational performances and interactive forms of art-making are in the focus of how to adjust and enhance an artistic ephemeral concept of performative art.

The challenge of the researchers will be the questions of how to access private and public space in this area and how far it is possible to include the local people in the PAS activities. The study topic ‘neck of the woods’ is thus meant as a metaphor for how we react to what surrounds us rather than using the space for individual work.

Following to the topic of PAS #53 we will research different performance art practices and create an experimental setting in which we will work towards an individual and/or collective performance work which will be presented in an public event in the public realm of the quarter.

About Kineret Haya Max
Born in 1981, based in Israel. Engaged with aspects of creative action related to time, space, intention, and aspects of form-content-image. Since 2008, she has been part of The Performance Art Platform and Ensemble 209 in Tel-Aviv. She presented most of her works in recent years in international festivals, where she soaked up culture-related actions. She teaches in Musrara multidisciplinary School of Art and Society in Jerusalem, while completing her MFA in Bezlalel Academy of Art. In her artist’s statement, she writes: Although chance is an essential material that I work with, what I do is not by chance. If I am capable of wanting it, then I'm capable of doing it.