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Melissa Madero / 110 min.

Corpus is a project that comes from connecting performance and photography with the idea of faith.The previous/ simultaneous work is a variety of images from one hour record in the Franciscan Chapel in Krakow,a photo diary from Rakowicki cemetery and Auschwitz as a part of the research.
The result shown in Kobro Gallery is a physical conclusion that answers one part of questioning for Faith. Rolling a small piece of plasticine was the first step,adapting this little action to the main idea came later.There were few objects each participant had,in the Jar I placed wine and a sponge,in the paper I had written “Tomad,comed,todos este es mi cuerpo” (“Take,eat,all of you this is my body”) therefore using my body to create dough was poetically accurately to use as a whole concept and all the consequent connotations it might have had .