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# 55 | ALONG AND THROUGH - how to walk on a line

7. - 11. August 2017
in cooperation with In cooperation with Orian Theatre – Paris Summer Academy, Paris, France
with PAS teacher: Francesco Kiais

(how to walk on a line)

My individual presence influences the surrounding environment and contributes to form its characteristics. We as individuals, we exist not only for ourselves, but also and above all, we exist contributing to a network of biographies, of experiences, of cultures, and feelings which we cross, intertwine, accompany, ignore ...

This PAS #57 “ALONG AND THROUGH – how to walk on a line”, analyses possible approaches to this network of interrelationships, paying particular attention to the possible connections between the individual path and the whole of interweaving.

Through a series of practical exercises, of individual and collective actions, and through theoretical analysis and shared reflection, this five days of workshop want to offer the development of the perception of space, time, and place related to performative action, investigating ideal and physical connection with objects and materials, and the use of personal presence in a process which is creative and poetic also for those who are witnessing to a performance.

In this framework of intent, the concepts of body, image, architectural space, individual and social space assume variable aspects which are potentially researchable in a interdisciplinary depth, under the lens of performance art.

A line can represent an infinity of opposing ideas or situations. It can mark both, a point of union or division. Together, we will walk on many possible lines by creating our own interweaves and paths.