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Domáci (Domestic) : An Experiment In Occupation

whatsthebigmistry (Priya Mistry) / 30 min.

Context: A festival of activity within the inner courtyard of residential flats. A day of turning inner dwellers out with a Living room, a book club, market stalls, food, enactments and discussions in the garden courtyard.

Description: In this space is a Microcosm of society playing out in the backyard.
And here I am with an unannounced series of domestic acts, a reoccurring part of the day’s events. No defined edges, setting up, abandoning, mapping, re-organising, making traces of…..a subtle and shifting occupation of this neighbourhood courtyard. This is an experimental but considered performance on inhabiting and transforming the objects, bodies and architectures within. Performing gestures that move through like a steady gust triggering occurrences and setting of nuances. This assemblage of body and environment is made perceptible through the community occupying this place.