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Living for Sweeping : Remains Among Remains

Guillaume Dufour Morin / 20 min.

The performance was presented on September 24 in a wrecked public restroom, located in an abandoned playground on Žabotova Street, near A4. Simple actions, that the audience could only see from a gap of a smashed door, in what it is maybe the darkest place of this Bratislava neighbourhood. Also a confidence about human condition, lack of empathy and a blinding nihilistic ideal of purety : putting a forgotten dirty coat from a stranger on my body, climbing onto a the toilet bowl, sweeping and collecting dust on walls with a sticky no-dust tool and blowing on the sticky paper full of dust.
Dust, dirt, filth, part of us, of the lively us, what remains of our remains.

To clean the forgotten and its traces, to clean these dirties secrets with the asepticing « passion », to do our « duty » with grace: we can say that we got an amazing destruction here.