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Crisia Miroiu / 150 min.

I chose a street corner with greenery and great visibility within our assigned neighbourhood. I dressed up in a fashion inspired by Hector Malot’s character Rémi (old beret, used overalls, big scarf, and cheap shoes) and I arranged my props (lots of bags of various sizes, a teddy bear, a bunch of empty non-alcoholic beer cans, food leftovers). I made a number of paper planes. Also, I brought four large white foam boards (recycled) and a thick green marker. I sat down and placed in front of me a plastic cup with few coins.

I began my performance by writing down one message on the foam board using the green marker. Periodically, I kept writing new messages and/or launched some of the paper planes I have prepared. I laid the written boards facing towards the street, with the small coins cup placed nearby. In-between the activities, I remained still.

Specifically, the written ‘messages’ represented questions or requests that were addressed to the public. Therefore, they were phrased in the same manner as one would inquire about common, daily life issues, such as the location of the neighbourhood’s grocery shop or the bus schedule. However, due to their particular nature, the questions asked during my performance were more difficult to respond to. I had seven such questions:

Can you please tell me when I would get another chance?

Can I borrow for a moment your God?

Can you please tell me where I could buy happy memories from?

Can you please borrow me your family for Christmas?

Can you please tell me where I could buy some faith from?

Can you please help me choose an identity for myself?

Can you please help me to clean up my past?