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# 51 | Critical Reflection II

10. - 17. December 2016 / Venice, Italy

in the framework of the Learning Program of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK

with BBB Johannes Deimling and guest teachers Marie-Luise Lange and Michael Barrett

For the second time PAS | Performance Art Studies is invited to contribute with a ‘critical reflection’ studies to the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK in Venice. Within the framework of the Learning Program of the weeklong event PAS is offering a theoretical discourse on the presented Performances, lectures and the exhibition based on the events topic ‘Fragile Body – Material Body’.

Critical Reflection - PAS #51
“We learn differently when we are learning to perform than when we are learning to understand what is being communicated to us. Reflection enables us to correct distortions in our beliefs and errors in problem solving. Critical reflection involves a critique of the presuppositions on which our beliefs have been built.” [Jack Mezirow, How critical reflection triggers transformative learning]

During the studies participants have the unique opportunity to witness the whole VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK: seeing the exhibition, observing all live performances, meeting the artists, discuss and research what is presented with other like-minded people. Sharing our opinions and reflections and putting them into context will generate a vivid research on performative practice and help to understand complex structures and theories. Participants will mainly discuss, write, sketch, scribble, doodle, interview and document their views and shared opinions. These documents will be published at the end of the studies in an online publication.

PAS will work with 3 teachers allowing to do specific research also in smaller groups which are sharing their observations in a plenum. BBB Johannes Deimling, Marie-Luise Lange from the University in Dresden and Michael Barrett from the University in Tucson Arizona will guide the studies involving selected artists of the ART WEEK.


Maja Maksimovic
Aino Sirje
Joyce Schmiedel
Jolanda Jansen
Sabine Oosterlynck
Christin Lübke
Annegreet Bos
Giovanni Vetere
Narges Mohammadi
Ieva Savickaitė
Marie-Luise Lange
Michael Barrett
BBB Johannes Deimling