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#50 | roots in motion

4. - 13. November 2016 / Oslo, Norway
in cooperation with PAO - Performance Art Oslo and KiHO - Oslo National Academy of the Arts

led by: BBB Johannes Deimling and Vivian Chinasa Ezugha


Lovisa Adlersfeld
Elisabeth Samstad
Tia Yoon
Kevin Meehan
Vidmante Cerniauskaite
Kimberley Warder
Leonela Helm
Inger-Reidun Olsen
Alice Minervini
Joana Gelažytė
Aino Niemela
Bernadette Laimbauer
Larysa Bauge

click here to see 'roots in motion', collective performance

roots in motion

The PAO Festival 2016 is inspired by Nicolas Bourriaud’s book “The Radicant” where we seek to investigate the artist as nomad, wanderer, refugee, migrant, expatriate, visitor, traveller, observer and connector.

One aspect of Nicolas Bourriaud’s book of 2009, “The Radicant” is the role of the artist in contemporary globalized society in which many individuals are no longer anchored to one national identity or home. Migration, online communication and easier international travel have created the rise of the immigrant, the exile, the tourist and the urban wanderer as figures in contemporary culture. Bourriaud likens such figures as radicants- plant forms such as ivy that grows from multiple roots, advancing in all directions and are adaptable in growing in a variety of soils. For the artist, this enables a flexibility and fluidity in constructing identity- the original roots can be rejected, mythologized or selectively edited, whilst new environments can stimulate a myriad of influences and tools for adaptation.

We perceive the world in which we are living full of change, turmoil and movement. But ever since humans have been in motion in need to find better living conditions. Nature catastrophes, wars, plagues and earth quakes are moving people around the world. What we connect with the meaning of roots is a temporary concept and an illusion since it seems everything is motion. But having roots does not mean to be stuck at one place. How can we move our roots to other places in order to create artistic fruits in an unknown place?

Following to the topic of PAS #50 we will research different performance art practices and theories and create an experimental setting in which we will work towards an individual and/or collective performance work. These works will be presented as part of the PAO – Performance Art Oslo festival 2016 in a public event.

PAS | sculpture park