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Urssa Severa [ru] / 17 minutes

Hidden messages encrypted everywhere. The answer is already there, the question yet unseen come afterwards.” Yes”, “No”, “?” …
It’s not really the destiny the one to blame but the human ability to cross between a future, past and present time/space tube of interaction. These three concepts apparently time-zones are happening exactly at the same timelessness instant.
The snake, the most ancient creature - symbol of wisdom, knows it all. She reveals the message that we, the people on attend, have placed unconsciously to our big amusement. The audience as a collective was ruling the game, sending their introspections and ideas to the centered oracle - META. This device worked out as a wheel of fortune for the infinite possible questions that might have been raised by the momentaneous combination of people assisting in the room, participating without their own awareness.
Electricity it’s a powerful mechanics embodied within our organism processed by the brain, therefore able to send clusters of information. This experience wouldn’t have happened if our brains stopped working during the performance.
…Still unknown is the source from where the message is coming from.