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(without anything) I am possible
Nina Wijnmaalen, nl / 15 minutes

Description of action:
Description space: An empty space with white walls, radiators, glass windows and a wooden floor.
On the floor lies a self made demonstration-board of wood, a pen, butter, flour-in-a-little box and 4 undefinable little wooden objects next to two red buckles. I wear a white blouse (backsite in the front), an old grandpa’s underwear, also white, and a pair of flesh-colored stockings. My hair is tight to a knot.

I lie upside down in the space against the wall. Slowely my legs move down and I come to sit. I clap with my hands to my mouth like an Indian but without sound, well, the clapping makes a sound too. I clap harder and harder, my lips turn red, my hand becomes uncontrollable. I stop. I open my mouth and there is a little metal object (it belongs to the wall) where I put my teeth and lips around, this fits perfectly in my mouth. I am kind of ‘stuck on to the wall’.

I leave this position and walk to the self made wooden demonstration-board. With a white pen I write down: I am possible. I hold it in my hand and say: “without anything” (read the object: I am possible).
I put it up my ass and in my stockings and walk upside-down through the space like a strange duck, I don’t really know how to describe my exact posture. I bump against the wall. I walk further and suddenly the wooden floor makes a squirky sound under my feet. I play with this sound. I also find a long white tube on the floor (this belongs to the radiator). I go down and blow the tube like a horn. 3 times. I go up and place the demonstration-board at the wall (this coincidentaly, exactly fits there!).

I walk towards one of the two drawers (they are part of the space) and open it slowely -it is quite heavy. In the drawer I press a little button (of my recorder) and sounds appear. Sounds of children, adults, screaming, excitement. I lay my hand in the drawer and lie on the floor. Together with the sound I create an image for thirty seconds. I stand up, stop the sound and push back the drawer.

I look at my legs and slowely grap my stockings. The material stretches while I slowely tear it a part. I look at the audience while I do this aggressively until all the material is of my legs. Now I sit down with my legs streched and my toes wide (like fido dido). I push the butter through my toes and rub it on my legs. My legs and feet start to shine –and smell. I stand up, it is slippery and I walk towards the flour. With my two hands I pour into the box of flour and rub my hands together. The flour slowely rains down on my legs and the floor. I start running with the box and the flour jumps out. My hairs become loose and I jump into the air with the flour all over me and sticking to my legs. I hit the little empty four-box against the wall and put it under my feet.

I grap the demonstration-object from the wall and tear it a part. Now I have two wooden boards. I walk upto the small wooden objects and together with the board and buckle I create a high heel. And another one. It takes time and then I have created: two high heels. I tie them under my feet. I stand up very slowely. I look at the audience and start to walk very carefully towards the door. I have to walk slowely in order not to fall. I reach the door and leave the space. Outside I walk along the court. At the end I become out of balance and fall down. I untie the heels and look behind me, at the audience. I disappear (behind the corner).