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it's a recognized fact 1 and 2
Mette Sterre, nl / 7 minutes each

Description of action: I'm fascinated by the mechanisms that horror movies use. The building up of tension to reach our inner fears, presenting the twilight zones and myths as facts. They support this atmosphere with music and lighting. They illustrate our moral values in a way by pushing the limits of the viewer. I first started out with the fascination for playing with curtains, so i wanted to work with hiding/exposing. But then i needed to know what i was hiding from. Most fear isn't rational. So I interpreted one of my favorite movies, Suspiria, by Dario Argento. It's about a bewitched ballet school. There's this beautiful scene where a girl looks through the window, and in the end gets murdered by a dark force. You see her being smashed against the window.

This was the starting point for the performance. In a red lit space I wandered through the space, anxious looking outside, searching for something, seeing something that my audience couldn't see. In the end I smashed myself against the window. My “dead” body fell through a door, in the same space as my audience
I did the performance twice. The first time more formal, the second time more over-acted and dramatized to research the effects on the audience and me. The first time It was raining outside. The second time there was music, a loop from an excerpt from the soundtrack of the movie. When the performance took place, the audience was outside, the performer inside. The hiding from/ being scared of something turned out in the performance as a fear from the audience and me looking at them.