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The Divine Perpetuity of the Hunt
Melanie Jame Wolf [at] / 25 minutes

The Divine Perpetuity of the Hunt explored ideas of animism and anthropomorphisiation while challenging itself formally to keep two separate performance spaces active simultaneously. The performance operated as a collage of surrealist images, a loose detective story, a performance art cabaret. The audience was divided into two groups, Rabbits and Foxes. Each group had a respective side of the performance space in which to stand. Each group saw different aspects of the performance in construction and deconstruction; rabbit becoming singer, singer becoming fox, fox becoming a lover of rabbits, rabbits becoming accomplices in the kill of a human being. The question of just who is the hunter and who is the hunted was dissolved in the final section of the performance as Rabbits and Foxes were invited to dance together as they exited the space.