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Morgen wird es besser
Meike Thar, de / 180 minutes

Description of action: My performance was a Still- Live Performance and lasted three hours.
I use a spot in the basement and face the wall. It is dark, beside a lamp behind me. I stand there with black hands and feet, in a white dress on a silver platter. Above my head hang 12 red ice cubes with frozen coins. The ice starts to melt and color my hair, my white dress and my body in red. In my hands I hold a fish. In front of me, in a small water channel, lay 5 fishes more. Slowly I start to take the first fish apart. I break the bones, drop them to ground. I detach the head from the body and drop it to the ground. I disassemble the fish completely until I have nothing in my hands. In this manner, I continue with the remaining fishes, while the ice above me melts. After the ice completely disappeared and I finished my action with the last fish, I leave the basement.