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No Bread Today
Louisa Grothmann [de] / 150 minutes

I sit in the dead end of a floor. In front of me lie 30 kilogramms of potatoes; furthermore, a knife, a needle and thread. Beside me lies folded a long white shirt. Five strings hang from the ceiling above me whose ends are hidden in the potatoe heap. After sitting there for about twenty minutes, I take the knife into my hand and slowly begin to peel the potatoes one after another. When I have peeled about a quarter of them, I take needle and thread and sew the peelings which I have collected in front of me, onto the unfurled white shirt. Once in a while I pause, in order to fix a potatoe onto one of the srings and draw it under the ceiling. Then I proceed with the sewing. After about 2 ½ hours I pull up the fifth potatoe into the air. I get up and leave the room. Under the dangling potatoes remain on the floor the two heaps of the potatoes, their peeings and my begun sewingwork.