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there’s no limit
Kirsten Heshusius, nl / 15 minutes

Description of action: the performance is a collage of actions.
I cycle circles in the space on my orange bike for about two minutes while looking at the audience. I stop in the middle of the space, put a coconut on the ground and park the bike in a corner near a fire hose.
on the floor I lay out a black string of eleastic that was already attached to the heater. I measurethe string and cut it at the place of the coconut. the left over I cut as fast as possible in little pieces. I put the pieces in my pocket and put the scissors near the bike
I cover the coconut generoulsy in babypowder.
I sit down in a corner of the space. I put my hand in a round marrocan bread and wash myself with the bread. I end with washing my head. when I remove the bread my hair is flicked up. I put the bread near the bike and the scissors.
I connect the elastic with the coconut, stretch it and shoot the coconut to the heater. the third time I shoot the coconut, the heater leaves a cut in the coconut. I untie the coconut and put it with the mark towards the space on the ground.
at the same spot I change my boots for high heels.I stand on the heater in front of the window and throw the pieces of cutted elastic into the air