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Stoned River
Camilla Paz Tellez [cl] / 16 minutes

The light is increasing ... the matter, descending.

I was standing in the corner of the room. It was dark, but I had attached a small light under my black blouse that illuminated my torso and my feet. The right foot was wetted with a dark fluid. On the wooden floor, close to me, there was a small hole also illuminated (one LED, a watch battery and a square stone). I took a bottle of dark color shampoo that hanged at my back and pressed it against the wall with my hands. Dark-fluid and strong smell during dripping in to the hole, entered and ransformed the cold led-light into amber tone. I left the fluid there.

Around the hole, several square stones were scattered. I collected stones with my foot and placed them on the top of empty and closed black bag. I put my wet foot into the handle of the bag. Then I walked with my free foot and dragged the other with the stones to the middle of the room where spot light have been waiting for me.

I sat down next to the luminosity and I arranged some stones on the typical Berlin sidewalk way directly under the light. I took roll of aluminum foil out of my trousers, I unrolled it like a scroll and light reflection appeared on my face. I put it on the front of stones and I pushed it so it rolled up as a carpet that fell down by the basement door. A large root left the basement door ajar. I took a stone and I threw it toward the basement and a second one as well, with the third… basements lights turned on.