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Sleeping on top of the basement door
Arianne Foks [fr] / 180 minutes

The performance was to embody a non-body trough a series of still and moving images within the duration of the event (about 3 hours).
Louisa Grimm was haunting me, every night I would say hello to my dearest ghost, and I was then, able to create images of her trough my own (story) body.
The first actions were 3 still positions, located in different “in between” spaces of the museum.

Outside, in front of the building entrance (about 1h20).
Strange smile - lipstick on my favorite tooth – eyes spaced out – black and white polka dot skirt – showing my ass (from behind).
Don’t move, stand still and show your ass, smile, smile and smile and spit, spit and cry and spit but don’t move.

2/Above ground
In the corner of the (bar) kitchen, on top of the black fridge. Standing with a shaking pink flowers & bird dress. Eyes wide open like a scared horse. Louisa would have loved to have a drink with you but she’s stuck on her housewife pedestal.

3/On the phone
Before entering the black floor space. Inside the yellow dress hanging to high, I’m on the phone, maybe Louisa is talking on the other hand?

The last part of the performance took place inside the front space, where I slept for 13 nights. A dark empty room: lights coming from the open basement door, like a hole where things (bodies), can appear and disappear + lights from outside, like a call to get out of this place.
I appeared from behind the closed curtains holding my hair up to the sky.
I had to make a move.
I said “Bonsoir” to some members of the audience, shaking their hands.
I could not any longer stand the black high heels I was wearing for hours (for ever), so I used the basement hole to burry them.
Then, in the middle of the room, I took off and on, and off and on, and off and on and finally off my skirt. I could now easily disappear through the slot of the window.
From outside, I (Louisa) appeared one last time, pink flowers in the mouth for a last goodbye...