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# 26 | Object trouvé

27. April - 9. May 2012 / Rotterdam, the Netherlands
in cooperation with PAE as part of “PAE4 – Performance Art Festival”

Nina Glockner [de/nl]
Nina Wijnmaalen [nl]
Meike Thar [de]
Kirsten Heshusius [nl]
Mette Sterre [nl]
Conor Baird [uk]

photos: matthias pick and monika sobczak


The use of material in Performance Art is very open and often marked by the specific articulation of this art form. Material has symbolic character, which is needed for to underline the act or the gesture of the artist. In connection with the body, or the figure material changes often the meaning
As performance artists we are highly attracted to objects, because we are able to create traces through them, we are able to visualize abstract ideas and make them directly touchable. An object allows us to extend our body and imagination. It can create a steady connection with the audience which delivers abstract thoughts. It´s seems simply natural to shape ideas in a physical form, because it´s the way how we relate to our environment.
The study will focus on the supportive and enriching aspect of objects within a performance. So how do I decide what is the best matching object for my idea? What is the specific characteristic of an object and where are potential traps during the use? What does material research means and why is it a difference to use matches instead a lighter? What has all that to do with aesthetics? How can we create objects during the performance and how can we change space and time by using certain types of objects as an installation? This workshop searches for the next layer beyond the object as just an adding. We open possibilities through different contexts and Medias and thinking of power symbols/objects likes flags, blood or crosses, of invisible objects and non-objects. And the biggest question: how do I present my objects without losing the attention for my action itself.

Live documentation from PAStudies # 26 | "object trouvé" / 2012

published by PAS | Performance Art Studies, 2012, 12 pages, graphic by Przemek Oleksyn