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The meaningless quotidian life on Mr. Debernardis
Saverio Debernardis [it] / 18 minutes

Description of action: A round table with a chair is in a squared room. Three meals are on the table: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything on the table is perfect. I get in the room. On my head there is the mask of a pig, done by dough that covers the whole head. I sit in front of the breakfast, start to eat, but I can’t, since the mask cover my mouth. I go to the lunch meal, to the dinner, and then I repeat it quicker and quicker. I can’t eat, can’t see because of my mask. When I cannot stand anymore this repetition of actions, I put all the food on the floor and sit in the middle of the table. I start to eat the dough mask that meanwhile has gotten damaged and dirty. The action finish when I’ve eaten all the dough and my head is finally free.