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SOUNDS like Patty - DAY 1
Sabine Oosterlynck [be] / 7 minutes

Description of action: I am standing on the set of the performance holding an extendable microphone through the pocket of a blue trench coat. I am blindfolded with cassette tape. On the wall a visual graphic installation of sound made with VHS tape, on the stand a portable radio. An audio message starts, a female voice talking. I start to move slowly, around the portable radio and the set. The movements increase and i am getting more nervous, i take a chewing gum out of my left pocket and put it in my mouth, i start chewing. The extendable microphone becomes a weapon by holding it in different ways. I start to increase the speed of my movements and i trap with my heels against the wooden floor, harder and harder. In the end the sound becomes distorted, the tape is running out. I quickly throw the microphone on the floor, tear of the blindfold and run to the roller blind tape, pull and run away through the door.
Some words reveal on the loose roller blind tape : ' press distrortions - kidnapping - disinterest - manipulation - extendable microphone - voyeurism - don't believe what you hear - tape recording - reporters - victim - you are being watched - blindfolded - erased - mom - identification - serious - honest - camera - dad - sounds - news - control - trapped - ...'
The public was filmed in their back by a surveillance camera, whitout them knowing.