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Jahr für Jahr (Rohmaterial)
Paul Striegel [de] / 7 minutes

description of action: Two black plates, one with ice one with frozen milk, and a heavy stone were placed symmetricaly infront of me. When the audience took place in the room I started to bite (very noisy) the ice into pieces, let them drop from my mouth into my hand and set them carefully on the stone. Afterwards I picked up with both hands the frozen milk and put it on my face untill it melted down and the white milk covered my face. Then I placed some of the frozen milk on the dark stone and lifted the stone up. The white milk began to flow down over the dark brick. I tried to held the heavy stone with all my strength for few minutes in front of me. But I started to chatter and had to balance the melting milk on the top of the stone till the half-molten milk felt on the ground. Finally I just laid the stone down and left the room through the audience.