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breathing through time
Patrícia Corrêa [pt] / 6 minutes

Description of action: This performance is the result of a series of actions and ideas developed during the PAStudies 20 – in context. During my residence at Grimmuseum the time became tooovert in me because of the constantpresence or total absence of time... it beganto weigh, to chokeme,tofree me… it was made of steel, made of gold, made of sand, made of fire made of air… my time wasn’t mine but I was there breathing in the present.
My heart beat was too loud, I could sense the blood running in my veins, I was their breathing… in a present with all my past memories, all my time until that moment, all my passions, all my pain, all my smells – ALL MY TIME!!! breathing loudly and breathing feebly…
In this action i use my body, a ephemeral timeline and a fragilespace.
I start in the garden, it’s dark, the audience it’s inside, they see me and they see themselvesin a reflection on the window... this reflection creates an illusion that i’m in the middle of them.
I start with my eyes closed and with increasing breathing. My body is struggling to be “alive” and then i open my eyes. In that moment, in front of me, i have all the audience in the windowframed, and, on the other side of the glass window, they have me, framed with their reflexion. Who is watching who? The inversion of the space is to create this subtle dialogue with the audience.
I walk slowly to the window, in side they can see me walking between their reflexion... there is no separation between us...
I approach the window and start to draw my timeline with a line of breath... the fragility of the line its the fragility of life... my life, their lives... all lives.
I light a match... light my face, the fire, the burning time, childhood pass to quickly. Another match, breathing – adolescence. Slowly the breath timeline is going up... lifetime... the smooth breathing increases more and more and more... with a red lipstick i mark my heart... spread all the red in my chest... pain, blood, lost of innocence, red, more pain... life... my life!
I continue breathing to the window... their are still some marks at the beginningof the line, traces of the past, memories to keep.
My breathing is decreasing, as well as the line... the presence of death in life... that time will come. Slowly i start to drop and have some stops in the breathing until i’m at the end of the line, close my eyes, stop breathing, and go to another space in time.