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haan galo - haan galo
Patrícia Corrêa [pt] + Liesje van den Berk [nl] / 8 minutes

Description of action: In the room there are two chairs against the wall in opposite position of each other and a metronome in the middle. We enter the room and walk directly to the chairs. We open the chairs, sit face to face and start looking to each other’s eyes. One of us starts to walk to the other, and feels the other’s heartbeat with her hand. When she knows the other’s heartbeat she walks back and marks the heartbeat on the metronome. Then walks back to her chair and sits again. Then the other walks and does the same. The eye contact never breaks during the whole performances. We repeat these cycle repeat until the metronome is beating at its fastest. Then we just sit and look to each other and wait until our breathing is calm again and walk out of the room.

Background: Haan galo - haan galo is the result of a developing process that started in eye and breathing connection, on a window of the grimmuseum during Pas studies. This performance is about control in a relation. Two hearts beating, eye contact that never breaks– relation – where there is increasing emotions, control, breathing, control, fight, control, friendship, control, anger and love, control, tears, control and more breathing. We talk with the eyes! A metronome between us marks the pulse of the game, simulating a heartbeat. The sound communicates with the audience this intimate game that we are playing.
Where are we going? No one knows... we don’t know... the tension stays in the room... are they coming back? The question remains in the room…